Camp Falkirk


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Missions under Iain MacTaryn

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Included Missions

M4 - Warmonger

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Details as we get closer...

M1 - Contagion

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As the Marines and Starfleet personnel settle in at the newly constructed Camp Falkirk, strange things begin to happen. Power systems, data terminals and all manner of technical difficulties mask the arrival of a silent menace that begins ravaging the Marines and Crew of Camp Falkirk.

M2 - Refugee

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The Jad'Lor have requested asylum on Camp Falkirk. The Pyrryx are now known to the Marines of Camp Falkirk and to the Federation vessels in the area. With the great mysteries that plagued Camp Falkirk now out in the open, the Marines can get back to life as it should have been from the start... or so they had hoped.