Camp Falkirk

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The Fallen

Posted on 18 Oct 2017 @ 3:22pm by Staff Sergeant Aodhan Vey & Major Shaun Bradley

Mission: M2 - Refugee
Location: Unknown World
Timeline: Concurrent to 'Armored Return'

The wind whipped wildly, howling as it flashed through the sparse vegetation and kicking up dust and debris sending it skittering across the landscape, sometimes violently enough to sting when it finally made impact on the two Recon Marines tucked in tight to a small knoll in the otherwise insignificant landscape of this spartan world. Staff Sergeant Aodhan Vey continued his quiet watch, slowly scanning the horizon for any sign of anything while he and his trusted spotter waited out this storm. The rain had come in the beginning, and though brief, it was significant but was now no more than a howling raging storm of wind and occasional thunder. It made it easier for the two scout snipers to remain hidden in the vast barren landscape, but would also make it easier for them to be snuck up on.

They were the rear party. The last Marines on the world after the rest of the Armored units had deployed, there to make sure that there was nothing left behind, no left behind and nothing that needed to be reported to command before they too made their exit off world. It had been eventful, to say the least. The Armored units had left in quick order, per General MacTaryn's instructions, but no sooner than the Starfleet vessels had winked out of existence in orbit five small craft had appeared and had landed where the burned out Bandit had been. Vey and his spotter had already been on rear guard maneuvers when they spotted the activity and dug in tight to watch. That had been hours ago. Not long after that, the storm had rolled in. He had expected that the five craft would have loaded up their passengers and been on their way, but strangely enough they were still sitting there. Their crew had taken shelter within the vessel but they hadn't left. It made him wonder what they were up to.

In the distance, the sun was just beginning to break over the horizon and bringing with it the end to the storm, dying out in bursts of wind instead of the incessant gale. It had been Aodhan's watch for the last two hours, having drawn the long straw with his spotter to sleep first. But as he noticed the storm dying, there was activity around the ships - their occupants were stirring. Vey gently nudged this sleeping Marine next to him.

Aaron startled awake, and rolled over from the rock he'd been using as a pillow. Taking the brief second to realize he was not being engaged, he let out a slow, low breath and released his hand from his firearm. Looking over at the Sergeant , the Corporal, one Aaron McKinley, nodded. Observing that the storm had passed, he rolled over to see what had caused Aodhan to awaken him. With a gesture towards the sight of the craft, McKinley reached for his helmet attachment, a sensor node that plugged in and acted as a magnifying unit, feeding the relay into his helmet's HUD. Clearing his throat, he observed "Looks like they're moving to a central location," trying to sound like he wasn't still recovering from the sudden awakening. "Group of them are standing around and talking. God, they are some ugly fuckers aren't they?" he added, starting to sound like a Marine.

Aaron watched as the group below stood in a circle, talking, but also observed that one member was standing out of the circle, looking almost ill. It was hunched over and pacing, like a wounded animal. "I'm tagging all targets, feeding them to you now. Looks like we've got Pancake Parade in the back there, planet must be messing with one. Looks almost turbulence sick from the way he's pacing."

The warriors standing outside were talking to one another, but it seemed limited, as if they were either extremely nervous to speak with one another or simply weren't capable of anything substantial in terms of speech. They were all of the same height, a little below average for a human, and what bits of them were visible under their substantial war armor was covered in coarse dark fur. Their stature was misleading though as they all hunched over dramatically, leading on one to speculate that if they were to stand fully upright that they would stand a head or more taller than just about any human. Whatever conversation the warriors were having with one another, it was silenced instantly by the appearance of the Imperator and four other's dressed exactly as he was in gleaming armor.

Aodhan focused in on the leader, glancing over briefly to make sure McKinley was focused as well. In the distance, the Imperator looked to his four Lieutenant's and then to the gathered warriors and barked a few brief orders and then jabbed his hands towards the vessels. All of the gathered warriors turned and scurried towards their ships as if they'd benefit with an electric shock, all except the one that had seemed disoriented. He moved slower than the others to go towards the ships, and the Imperator noticed, calling out to him to come back and answer for it. The warrior stumbled to a stop and then turned back towards the Imperator and stood shakily in front of him. The Imperator queried him in quick short statements, but whatever the warrior had to say did not please him as he stepped forward and kicked the warrior straight to the gut, sending him onto his back. Before the warrior could get up, the Imperator drew a weapon off his back and there was a flash of violet light and the creature went still.

The Imperator stowed the weapon, then looked back at his Lieutenant's who seemed wholly nonplussed at the reaction. They simply offered a strange salute that was as much a bow as a hand gesture, and then each went to their own craft following the warriors. The Imperator didn't spare a second glance at the warrior he'd shot, instead went on to his own vessel. In a moment, all five vessels had powered up and with the weather now a gentle breeze, took off upwards into the sky and disappeared into orbit.

Watching the debacle below, and then the craft leave in such a smooth fashion, Aaron sat for a minute in silence, watching as they disappeared, before turning his attention back to the member on the ground. He reached up, and quickly adjusted his equipment, giving him an infrared relay. Sitting for a minute, he scanned over the body. "You know," he quipped, "i'm never going to make joke about the General being unfeeling again." The Corporal was about to say something equally callous, when his reading caught his eye. "Hey Sarge, he's not dead."

"Leave him be." Aodhan all but breathed. His immediate thought was 'bait', and the last thing he wanted to do was go traipsing across open terrain towards the downed warrior expecting to render aide when really it was waiting for them, or anyone, to show themselves. Even if they suspected they were being watched, the odds of them actually knowing where they were hidden were slim to nil, but the moment they made themselves known it was done. No, until he was absolutely certain that this was in fact what it seemed to be, they weren't moving an inch.

Adjusting his systems again, the spotter, hummed to himself, mentally making distance and wind calculations while double checking the readings. He gave a quick sweep visually, only picking up trace heat readings from the leaving ships, which were rapidly dissipating. Seeing nothing the indicate it was a trap, the Corporal whispered back "Listen, I think they legit left him to die. If you're unsure, cover me, but I want to go take a closer look. If he moves, do what you're good at, and smear his heart over that field behind him."

Staff Sergeant Vey looked back at him with his quiet, even gaze and then slowly nodded. "Backtrack twenty yards and come back around so you don't give away our position." he breathed.

No words, the Marine crafted the fifteen feet back from their position before standing, and looping around to the left, disappearing down a slight incline, and then coming at the location slowly, his MR2 levelled on the fallen solider, a quick movement and he would have dumped a quick burst into his chest. As he got close, he slung himself lower, moving as though he were in the heart of an enemy engagement and scanning all the corners, specifically avoiding lingering for too long on his comrade up on the hill. Stopping a few feet from the fallen solider, he cleared his throat. "You on the ground, if you can hear me, place your hands on your head."

The sound of something approaching turned his attention from the swirling skies above to his right and he tried to turn his head without pain, but felt it surge down his neck with an intensity he thought impossible. In response, what little was left in his stomachs was wretched up and spewed out on the ground beside him. That was when he saw the stranger approaching cautiously. If his eyes had pupils similar to the strangers, they would have gone wide in surprise. Instinctively he tried to look around, only to be met with more pain and wretched dryly - the pain was excruciating so he simply lolled his head back and waited for death.

"Get your med-tricorder." Vey's voice crackled lightly in the comm, "I'll cover."

The Corporal sighed, and slung his rifle, reaching back and pulling back the Marine issued tricorder, which was the scanner unit, a feed that was put towards the Marine's HUD. Sweeping it over the alien on the ground, he kneeled next to the creature and slowly read the information, feeding it back to the Sergeant on the hill. Over the comm, he called back, "Uh, you seeing this? It looks like his DNA is breaking down, like it's falling apart. The fuck kind of weapon do you think that was?" Immediately the Marine considered some of the immediate potentials, such as biogenic weapons like were used during the Cardassian War, something that was apparently a very painful way to die.

Looking carefully at the display on his HUD, Vey sighed and opened a comm frequency to the vessel he knew was lurking nearby specifically waiting for them to finish their cleanup duties before sending down a shuttle for them. He connected to the runabout hiding in low orbit of the third moon of this planet, out of sight of anyone that wasn't specifically looking right at them, and send the data from the dying warrior. The voice of a soft-spoken man with a melodious accent replied, indicating that this was a medical emergency and that they were on their way.

"Evac inbound." Vey announced to McKinley.

Aodhan Vey
Scout Sniper
2nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Marines - Lightyear Division
Camp Falkirk

Aaron McKinley
Rifleman - 2nd Recon
Camp Falkirk


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